Hello World!

Well it was a good day! It didn’t start out great, but it ended that way. I woke up late this morning. Which was really a hello to the world. It’s a good thing I’m so close to work and that nice cabbies laugh at me when I frantically flag them down.

I had such a nice cabbie. He had just gotten back from a three month vacation to India.

So I’m not entirely sure what World Hello Day is, but I changed my light bulbs today? Does that count? I’d say yes. Yes it does count, because now I can see. As soon as the lights came on, BOOM HELLO WORLD! Now there’s not a weird shadow in my kitchen due to one of three bulbs being burned out.

Ha, I just found this! I celebrated unknowingly! I am pretty sure I said hi to at least ten people at work today.


Secretly Celebrated

PS: Also, listen to this!


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