Ride Taking

First things first, I rode on two types of transportation today. The bus and a cab! It was miserably rainy today and walking just wasn’t an option and I had to get my celebration on.

Nothing too exciting about my rides today, but Sean had an interesting experience in a cab yesterday. He got in the cab and the driver said, “You got cash money?” Which really seems like something you ask to a person in a rap video, apparently that guy just needed to know.

AND, tomorrow at 1:45 I get to take the best ride ever to Oklahoma!!! I am praying that flying on THE busiest day of the year won’t be miserable. But I’m fully prepared for it to be awful. Here are the ways I am preparing to move the quickest possible to O’Hare.

1. I am not checking a bag. Not my first rodeo guys, come on.

2. I have already checked in. I will not be visiting that desk.

3. I have an electronic boarding pass. This is the greatest option for traveling. If you are still printing your boarding passes that’s cool. Don’t forget your pager at security!

4. I wear socks so I don’t have to stand there barefoot, where so many barefoot strangers have stood before me. This isn’t really a time saver, but simply a preventative measure.

So I’m planning for my ride currently. My suitcase is empty. I should probably bring some things… I guess. Today, I was also planning for my trip home for Christmas. I had a ticket booked for the 21st-26th. What a great trip right? But now I have a trip booked for the 23rd-2nd!

And now, let me tell you what I learned from calling American Airlines.

I hate talking to the automated machines. I loathe it. I have a question tolerance of about 4 questions. Question 5 and I get fussy. My voice changes, my desire to accomplish the end goal dwindles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip all that machine nonsense and get straight to a human? The answer is yes. Good thing I learned how to beat the system.

The machine cannot help you if the machine cannot understand you. The machine doesn’t know what today with awkward sound effects. Grunting and/or mumbling seem to get the job done. Enter scene:

Please say ‘Reservations’, ‘Flight Status’, ‘AA Rewards’, ‘Blah Blah Blah’.


I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you. Can you repeat your choice?


I didn’t get that, let me put you through to the next available AA customer service representative.

…..elevator music…..

Hi! This is so and so, how can I help you?

That takes a total of 1 minute.

Or if you have an hour and a half to talk to a machine feel free.


Beating the system is my new favorite hobby.


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  1. cb

    you could have just called me……

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