Day of Listening

To Christmas music. It’s officially that time of year. And now that I’m back in Chicago I kicked things off right. I purchased my tree. Assembled it. Decorated it. Realized it’s leaning. Got over that it’s leaning. Attached garland to my very fake fireplace. And realized that only one wall of my apartment is decorate for Christmas.

Also, I know that the 30th is Decorate Your Christmas Tree Day, but I just couldn’t wait. Here’s the compromise, I won’t show you pictures till the 30th. Hopefully by then I will have decorated the rest of my apartment. I need some nutcrackers I think. My mantel is looking slightly bare.

I think I’m going to hang glittery snowflakes in my windows. I plan on purchasing a bundle of mistletoe for my entryway. I still need to order my stocking. But this is what they look like!

Two of those are coming my way!!

And I have herringbone couches so they will match!!!! I am so so thrilled for Christmas. Clearly. I watched You’ve Got Mail while I decorated. And if you have forgotten, there is a great scene where she is decorating the tree in her shop. And then I remembered that I wanted to be Kathleen Kelly/Meg Ryan when I grow up. It was such a great day. My apartment is covered in glitter and I love it!


Oh, good news – I saw a dog today. Have you seen a dog?

PS: But seriously, I have been listening to Justin Beiber’s new Christmas album. Drummer Boy with Busta Rhymes is so good. Please don’t judge me too terribly bad.


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