Tree Decorating Part 2

Remember how a few days ago when I said I had already decorated my tree, but I would show you pictures today? Remember when I said my tree was leaning, but I had gotten over it? Well today I undecorated my tree, had every intention of returning it and getting another one and redecorating the new one. But instead I just fixed the manufacturers poor craftsmanship and now my tree is pretty again!! I took pictures just for you!!

I’ll start with the dismantling of the sad tree and end with my favorite ornaments.

So now my apartment is lean free. I am still searching for some nutcrackers or tiny trees for the mantle. Maybe a wreath or something. Pier 1 and World Market and Home Goods are in my future. Merry Christmas!!


A Christmas Elf


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One response to “Tree Decorating Part 2

  1. Mama Elf

    Looking at your tree and all those familiar ornaments, I have never been so PROUD in all my life. Our holiday tree traditions live on!

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