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One Year

I knew this day would come eventually. I feel like it snuck up on me. It has been one of the most fun things I have accomplished. I am sort of proud of myself for finishing this project. If I could redo any months it would be May and December. I feel like those were the two months that I was the busiest.  I apologize. But over all I couldn’t have been happier with how this year has gone. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Tonight is the last night. It’s the last day that I am going to be writing to you about my celebrations. The last day that I will be required to write on here. Not to say that I won’t come up with some exciting to tell you about next year. But for now. I’m done. I made it past St. Patrick’s Day. I did it. I completed a One Year Project. I can cross it off my bucket list. It’s really on there you know.

You know at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, when Ferris finally makes it to his room after running through his neighborhood and he throws the baseball to turn off the snoring? That’s what today is. Today is me throwing the baseball at my snoring sound machine. I’ve been running through the city. Singing in parades. Eating at Chez Quis. And having the best year ever. I have all of you to thank. But now I’m finished.

So thank you for putting up with my nonsense and laughing at my jokes, or laughing because I try and tell jokes and fail. I am going to miss all of you quite a lot. I feel like my days will be missing something without you. I will try and post occasionally, when the void in my heart is just too much. Did you feel like that was a line from a movie? I did. I instantly hated how dramatic it was after I said it.

Have the most fantastic New Year’s Eve. I’m wearing sequins.

So this is it. I have no more jokes and no more holidays. I like you and I’ll miss you, so much.


The End

PS: I got a little teary…



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Bacon deserves to have all caps. It’s bacon, have you had it before? It’s pretty good. Since I’m home, there are many many more treats in the pantry than there is at my house. There are these tasty Grands breakfast biscuits in my freezer. So this morning… and maybe tonight after looking through food on Pinterest, I had one. AND, they had bacon in them. They were so amazingly good. And bacon filled.

So I ate bacon today, which is quite a celebration if you ask me, but I also thought I would share some bacony culture with you.

Kevin Bacon. Maybe one of the greatest uses of bacon, ever.

A bacon weave!!

Starry Bacon

The list of bacon products grows and grows. There are candles and bandaids and soap and Halloween costumes. Everyone like bacon. I hope that you enjoyed Bacon Day. I know I did.

Brace yourself. Tomorrow is the last day.


Are you achin’ for some bacon…. Yep yep yep.


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A history lesson.

It’s the day I’m sure you’ve been pining for. It’s Pepper Pot Day. I know, I’m sorry you had to wait the entire year for this most memorable of days. Ok, so maybe no one was really jazzed for Pepper Pot Day. But you should be.

So back during the Revolutionary War, we weren’t feeling so hot. Winter blows. Especially when there was no such thing as North Face to ensconce your body in. Anyway, all of our soldiers were miserable and hungry and cold and probably sick. Food was pretty scarce. Animals have figured winter out better than we have and they hibernate. I’m considering it for next year, but it sounds like a lot of work.

Anyway, George Washington, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, told the cooks to make a soup that would warm up the soldiers. So the crafty cook took some tripe, AKA the stomach lining of an available bovinesque creature, peppercorn and other soupy things and crafted up pepper pot soup.

Apparently it was a gigantic success. Spirits were raised and we stuck it to the British. It sort of sounds like that magic juice Bugs Bunny hands out at the Space Jam basketball game, just water, but everyone kicks ass after drinking it.

So if it weren’t for tripe and peppercorns and the French we could have lost. So there’s that. A history lesson. If you are getting ready to ask if I ate pepper pot soup, I didn’t. I’m the one that told you what tripe was remember?

Also, Pepper Potts is Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) secretary. If you feel like celebrating that, feel free. To each his own.


Founded on stomach lining.

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