Mutt Day

Is this blog going to be about animals? OF COURSE NOT! You know I don’t like animals! Anyway, in honor of Mutt Day I celebrated via my dinner. So I’m just couch lounging on a Friday and I wasn’t feeling like becoming a culinary genius and I just couldn’t bring myself to walk to Big Bowl or Ra or some other tasty place near by. What happens when you get lazy and you are hungry and you haven’t gone to the grocery store in ages? You eat mutt dinner.

I pinky promise that I usually eat much better things. Usually. Anyway, feel free to laugh at me.

Dinner consisted of Ramen noodles, strawberry yogurt and a beer.

Mutt Day is perhaps the most successfully celebrate holiday all year. Speaking of, the year is almost up and I still need your ideas. I haven’t found one that I really love yet.

If you feel like leaving an idea please keep in mind that I have a job. Which means until about 5:45 everyday, I am otherwise occupied. Not occupied with unemployed tent dwellers, but occupied nonetheless. (Who came up with that word? Nonetheless. My guess is a guy that had a tift with the space bar).

OK, get to brainstorming.


Beer and yogurt. I think I’m on to something.


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One response to “Mutt Day

  1. Will

    You are so close to the finish line. Everyone’s impressed that you pulled this off.

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