Make A Gift Day

Christmas is upon us and that means everyone is scurrying about buying presents for their most favorite humans. So today in honor of Make a Gift Day, I scurried around and purchased presents for my most favorite humans. I didn’t really find that many amazing things.

But I knocked out on humans gift. I’m pretty sure they will like it. Quite a lot.

Today, I was at World Market, there was an entire section that said ‘Create a Gift’. There were boxes and fillers and bows and trinkets. It was such a good find for the celebration today! That’s all I’ve got. Other than the fact that I gifted myself a massage and a haircut.

That makes quite the gift.


Wanna know what’s not a gift? My Christmas tree that is broken again! I have to undecorate it and get a new one. This will be third time. Someone is trying to turn me into an angry elf, and they are succeeding.


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