Put Your Own Shoes On

As opposed to… a strangers??? Eww. Strange shoes seems like a bad idea. I wore two pairs of shoes today; my gold flats and my black Uggs. Gold flats to work were perhaps a poor choice considering it snowed for a tiny amount of time today. Uggs were a much better choice for on my way to CVS. By the way, I like Walgreens infinitely more, but CVS is a small amount closer than Walgreens.

I don’t really understand the thought behind this holiday. Of course I’m not trying to wear someone else’s stinky shoes. That’s gross. Do I want to share their toothbrush? No. Do I want te use their deodorant? Absolutely not. They rub that on their armpits and I don’t like armpits.

I hung my stockings today. And by I, I mean Sean. And I figured out Drano, and by I, I mean Sean. It was a successful day. That’s all I’ve got for you tonight. The December list is complete, but waiting to be posted. I’ll give it to you in the morning when I get to work.

One last thing, THE NBA SCHEDULES WERE ANNOUNCED TODAY! I could go to three Thunder games when I’m home for Christmas or a menagerie of Bulls games here. The downer to this announcement, the Thunder aren’t playing the Bulls in Chicago, only in OKC on April 1st. Whomp whomp.

Ok night night. I love you all.


I’m not the handiest.


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