Candy Made of Cotton

Can you buy cotton candy in the city? Can you buy cotton candy not from a fair? I don’t think so. Knowing that there isn’t a fair near by I really had no way of eating cotton candy. This wasn’t a matter of not having time to celebrate, this was really a I don’t know how to acquire said goods.

Seriously, tell me where cotton candy lives. Drury Lane? No. It’s a pretend entity that lives in fairs and grade school carnivals.

It’s also Letter Writing Day, which I’ve celebrated about 1,000 times this year. But I’ll celebrate again right here.

Dear Santa,

Hi. How are you? How many cookies do you eat every year? Anyway, I was wondering if I could ask you for a gift, since that’s really the business in your in. Can I have a cotton candy machine? Cool. Thanks.


Kate E. Beard

And now I have to have a real blog sign off.


Well this is just awkward.



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3 responses to “Candy Made of Cotton

  1. kryn

    please update this months celebrations

  2. Oh man! My husband IS the cotton candy man. Well, he was when we lived in Nowata. We had our very own cotton candy machine (PS they are very expensive) and he made cotton candy on our porch every Halloween for every kid that trick-or-treated. But, sadly, we gave the machine away when we moved to Missouri. I’m sad you never got any of Doug’s cotton candy.

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