Tom Beard + Brownies

Happy Birthday Tom Beard!! He’s 11!! And I made brownies to celebrate 800 miles away, and because it’s Brownie Day. Here are some things about brownies and Tom Beard.

1. Brownie batter > Actual brownies

2. Tom Beard was so sleepy when I talked to him on the phone.

3. You only have to put one droplet of water into the brownie mix and it miraculously turns into batter.

4. Tom Beard told me he wanted a snowboard for Christmas. I reminded him that he lives in Oklahoma, sans mountains.

5. Do people really like to eat brownies? Or is licking that bowl good enough?

6. I miss Tom Beard way more than I like brownies.

7. I am sorry the list isn’t up. I have things ya know?

8. My brownies will be out of the oven in  2 minutes 52 seconds.

9. I didn’t have vegetable oil. So I used olive oil?

10. I need to buy snow boots. Immediately.

11. I remember when Tom Beard was born. It was at 7 something in the morning and I didn’t have to go to school that day. I wore a pink sweater with embroidered flowers. He was the snuggliest little nugget. And now he’s 11. And I like him and miss him.


Embarrassed of #9


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