Christmas Cards

I don’t want to offend anyone. So if you are those people that send out a really well written letter with your ironic but hilarious picture, stop reading. If you aren’t that person, but you laugh a little about what those people send you each year, keep reading.

Well, now that we’ve weeded out the weirdos let’s get down to business. Those letters are a heinous display familial happenings. Not one single person cares about the 8 5ks you ran this year. No one cares about the books from the New York Times Best Sellers List that you read each month. I’m glad that you rescued a dog. Your blurry vacation picture montage looks awesome.

I know that I sound mean. But seriously, some of those are miserable. I just feel that if you didn’t call everyone on your Christmas card list right after these events, you don’t need to send out a detailed explanation of what everyone missed. Is that mean? Eh, I’ve been blogging for months now, if you don’t know my true color by now, you must be new. Welcome! But seriously, I read all of those letters that we get for Christmas. Some of them are great, but some of them are so so so completely miserable.

For Christmas Card Day I will write you my annoying Christmas letter, although mine is less exciting than most as I do not have children,  participate in 5ks or like animals. Here goes!

Greetings all!!!

It’s been one crazy year around the Kate Beard household. So many changes going on and I could barely keep up! Well, I’ve taken up cross stitching, I’ve made so many pillows.

It was a cold spring and I had to cancel my plans to the bed and breakfast in the countryside, but don’t worry I made it up with a trip to pottery making school.

I’ve moved to a new city and I’m really exploring. I can’t wait to share all the new things I do with you next year.

Merry Christmas!

So if you have some of those in your mailbox this year, I’m sorry. If you have one that is well written and cool and full of interesting facts, great those friends rule. But I know that everyone has at least gotten one of those. Enjoy them. Laugh at them.


Pottery School Drop-out


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