For the past 5 years I have only lived one of them in a place that candles were allowed to be lit. I lived in the freshman dorms, I lived in the Kappa house for two years, I lived at my apartment in Norman (candles allowed!) and now I live here in my sweet little apartment in Chicago. Candles are not so allowed here, at least when they are flaming.

Here’s the thing, there are sweet little heating pads that melt your candle and let them give off a smell without having building burning flames around. So now sitting right next to me, is my most favorite candle in all the land. It’s called a volcano candle and it smells like what I imagine heaven smelling like.

This is the best I can do on Candle Lighting Day. I have pretty white ceilings and apparently one little candle flame will completely wreck them. So heating my favorite candle on a heating pad from Bed Bath and Beyond is all I’ve got. Quite sorry to disappoint with the lack of actual fire.


Be cool about fire safety.


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