Gingerbread House


I heart making gingerbread houses!

So this is what I have so far. I’m pretty proud. I usually try and make one of these every year. The building assembly is key. It’s all about the icing in the creases. You have to smush the icing into the seams of the gingerbread pieces. After that it’s really up to you. I plan on adding the rest of the candy when I’m finished blogging to you.

To make this an even Christmasier event, I am watching White Christmas. I might really be in love with Danny Kaye. I mean really. And Vera Ellen is so so elegant. Anyway, White Christmas was on my list of things to watch this Christmas and it hasn’t disappointed. I would love to have Bing Crosby sing to me when I can’t sleep. Wouldn’t that just be swell?

Well, I’m off to finish my gingerbread house. I hope you have been watching Christmas movies. There’s only 13 more days till Christmas!


Crushing on Kaye


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One response to “Gingerbread House

  1. Marcia

    Hey Kate! So far so great with the gingerbread house. Lots of fun.

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