Well it’s Cocoa Day, which is fitting for December. Although this December isn’t all that fitting for Chicago. It hasn’t even really snowed. And it’s currently 42 degrees outside which is not, in my opinion, really cold enough for cocoa. But I mde it anyway!

I have a cup of Swiss Miss sitting right next to me. It’s decent. I wouldn’t want to pay money for someone else to make it for me, but it will do on this not so Decembery night. When I was growing up, my parent’s always got presents from their friends. We always got homemade cocoa mix. Mrs. Doe, I think it was from you. That stuff was amazing. I wish I had a cup of that right now instead of Swiss Miss….

But it’s almost Christmas! There are pretty presents wrapped under my tree and I am going on a Christmas date on Friday. My office Christmas party is Thursday night and I am thrilled. It’s going to be a happy little Christmas weekend. I might even go ice skating on my Christmasy date!

So I’m going to finish my hot chocolate and go to sleep earlier than I have in a long long time.


Mrs. Doe > Swiss Miss


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