My very first house in Bartlesville, America was Evergreen Drive. My friend Emily lived down the street and we would go on amazing adventures through our neighborhood. We would get lost down drainage ditches and runaway to her closet all within the bounds of Evergreen Drive.

I don’t live on Evergreen Drive any more, but I do live on a tree street. It’s called Elm in case you were wondering. Which I am quite certain that you were. It’s your soap opera name supposed to be your middle name and the first street you lived on? Well in my case, Elizabeth Evergreen. That seems like a pretty good soap opera name if you ask me.

So now that it’s nearly Christmas, it is so so easy to find evergreens. There’s a gigantic one by the Hancock Tower. It looks like this….

I didn't take that, but it's still pretty.

I went to Whole Foods today for tasty things and they had tiny ones. My Christmas tree in my apartment is a very fake one. But all in all evergreen/pine trees are all around. And they are pretty and I like them.


My Christmas Tree is not leaning.


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