Why is it that the only time you need a flashlight is when you don’t have one? I have one sitting in my closet that I doubt I will use any time soon. I mean seriously, what crevices do I need to be peering into in an apartment in a large city? There aren’t any. But I have one. A quite large one in fact. I told my dad that I needed a flashlight, among other tools and things, when I was moving here. I told him I did not want the gigantic MagLite that I knew he was going to buy me.

Steve really likes large flashlights. The larger the better. So when he was returning with flashlights and tools of course there was a large MagLite that I’m pretty sure could be considered a deadly weapon. I was then informed that this was not the largest model, but the slightly smaller one. So now I have a slightly less than large MagLite protecting and lighting my apartment.

I peaked under my couch with my most handy flashlight and didn’t see anything of value or really anything at all. I peaked under my bed and saw extra blankets and some dust. My apartment gets dusty so fast. It’s like there’s a dust factory in my walls.

So that’s that. That’s all I could really do for flashlight day. I don’t really think taking it to the streets with me would seem all that normal.


I’m all about seeming normal.


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