Regifting doesn’t seem to be the best way to make or keep friends, but it does seem like the best way not to spend any money. So if you are into being frugal, regift away. But on this recycling holiday, I thought I would share some things with you, maybe that I’ve already shared and maybe that I found from other people.

So this is what I found this morning. I found it on the internet, have you heard of it? Anyway, it’s really useful. Especially when my search results yield things like this….

Jimmy Fallon regifting Lorne! I laughed and then remembered that I have a really serious crush on Jimmy Fallon. His late night show is fantastic. Letterman has developed a serious speech impediment in recent years and Leno is kind of arrogantly annoying.

Mr. Fallon seems to capture the variety showesqueness (<— proud of that one!) and make it cool again. He is the Ellen of late night television.

Anyway this is besides the point, that clip was my regifting from things I found this morning. And now I will share things with you from our past year together. I’m sure you have forgotten some of the nonsense that happened.

I kicked off the year in style!

I held a lizard! While wearing no makeup apparently....

I drew a dinosaur, which was really just a foreshadowing to Terranova.

I made a bubble wrap dress!

I learned to make crepes!

and meringue!

Tanner sent me M&Ms with his face on them.

I fell through a ceiling....

I apparently built a potato clock that I have no recollection of...

I got on Freshly Pressed when I posted about my scrapbook!

I made the worst pancakes in the history of pancakes.

I went to the zoo and loved it my wingspans worth.

I did things like this.

I tore the tags of my mattress.

I graduated college!

I rocked 4th of July.

My current favorite human was born!

I had ZERO fun at my friend's wedding.

I moved to a new city!

I get to see this person all of the time.

The NBA got their !@^#%*@ together and gave me the best Christmas present!

I have had the most fun all year long!

So there’s that. I regifted you all sorts of fun memories. Merry almost Christmas! It’s so close!!


Will Smith blinked that potato clock out of my brain like MIB.



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3 responses to “Regifted

  1. So, fun times on this post. In catching up on your blog I discovered that I made it into one of your pics. And Adam’s arm is there too (wearing a pink shirt), but since my whole body made it in, I’m much cooler.
    Also, I laughed out loud when I remembered that you fell through the ceiling. Since you were OK, it’s alright to laugh, right?

  2. cb

    you made the potato clock at my house after purchasing a potato clock kit at hobby lobby.
    what would you do without me?

    also your 2011 looks extra fun when you put it in pics like that.

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