I have a feeling that I would be a terrible boxer. I saw a UFC commercial earlier and it made my body hurt. It’s Boxing Day and Boxing Day has nothing to do with actual boxing.

I’m not Canadian and I’m unfortunately not British so I’m not well versed on current Boxing Day practices. However, it used to be celebrated by the middle class. The wealthy would give their servants all their leftover Christmas things and they would celebrate Christmas the day after.

So I don’t have any servants. But I don’t have to work today. Does that count? Doubt it. Apparently now people donate to the needy on Boxing Day. But I’m not exactly with my things. If I was in Chicago I would have a large amount of things to take to Goodwill. But tomorrow Abby is taking quite a few things there. So we are celebrating a day late. Deal with it.


Sock em bop em.


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