Phone a Friend

I didn’t have to call a friend today, one of mine called me! I got to chat with her all the way from her work to her home and then to take out her dog, whom I’ve haven’t met yet.

Anyway, it was a great chat. I had to remind her that she isn’t crazy, because she isn’t. I think sometimes we all lose sight of our sanity. I miss that person and if I had all the dollars in the world, or even just a few more dollars than I have right now, I would fly a plane to Dallas to see her face.

I got to go to lunch with another one of my people. It wasn’t exactly a phone call, but it was a three hour lunch, which is just as good as a phone call.

AND, tomorrow another one of my people gets to town. That person and I will have a chat and a glass of wine and lay in my bed. It’s been far too long.

And on Friday I’m going to Tulsa to see another person of mine. And then for New Years I’ll be in OKC and I’ll see EVEN MORE . It’s been just a fantastic break. I am so thrilled with the time I’ve been spending here.

And since today is Call a Friend Day, I went through my contacts and deleted quite a few. It was like a Facebook friend purge, but no one knows you deleted them. It’s thrilling.

And now I’m watching You’ve Got Mail for the millionth time. I still like it as much as I did the first time I saw it.


Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?


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  1. cb

    don’t cry shopgirl

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