Bacon deserves to have all caps. It’s bacon, have you had it before? It’s pretty good. Since I’m home, there are many many more treats in the pantry than there is at my house. There are these tasty Grands breakfast biscuits in my freezer. So this morning… and maybe tonight after looking through food on Pinterest, I had one. AND, they had bacon in them. They were so amazingly good. And bacon filled.

So I ate bacon today, which is quite a celebration if you ask me, but I also thought I would share some bacony culture with you.

Kevin Bacon. Maybe one of the greatest uses of bacon, ever.

A bacon weave!!

Starry Bacon

The list of bacon products grows and grows. There are candles and bandaids and soap and Halloween costumes. Everyone like bacon. I hope that you enjoyed Bacon Day. I know I did.

Brace yourself. Tomorrow is the last day.


Are you achin’ for some bacon…. Yep yep yep.



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