Notes on Trying.

It’s been a while. I get it. I’m sorry. And I know, of all days to come back begging for your love, Valentine’s Day seems so cliché. But you forgive me right, because secretly you missed me? I’ve missed you too. I’ve just needed to go on a slight hiatus for my own sanity. My sanity is restored for the most part, as much as one’s sanity can be restored. I’m not saying I’m here everyday. But I am saying I’m reevaluating the forward progress of the blog. I won’t be celebrating holidays every day, but I might be telling you stories or rants or general thoughts. So do with that what you will.

My silence was broken today due to my inability to keep my opinions on the topic of Trying to myself. Or my opinions on any topic to myself, but that is another story for another day. So let’s get down to business.

I love Valentine’s Day. I don’t understand why everyone has to throw  such a fit about Valentine’s. It’s one day. It’s flowers. It’s a post-it note even. It’s just not that hard. It just isn’t. It’s not hard to show a minute amount more love than usual.

There are always ALWAYS the excuses. “But I treat everyday like Valentine’s!” Do, you? Really? Name me the last time you wrote a card for your person. When, in the past 364 days, did you send flowers? Never, you didn’t? Then stop using that lame-ass excuse. That’s right, I said lame-ass.

Single people are just as much to blame. Their self loathing sends them into a spiral of inability on Valentine’s Day. Single people: GET OVER IT. You were single February 13th and you will, more than likely based on your horrible outlook on love and potential consumption of red wine this evening, be single on February 15th. February 14th is in no way a day that you are more aware of your singleness. You just wanted flowers. Or a card. Or a post it. Or anything really. Newsflash, you have friends. Have fun with your friends on Valentine’s Day. Cease with the self-loathing! My recently restored sanity will crumble if I have to hear you discuss the lack of doting in your life. Just try a small amount not to cry mascara tears and in turn buy your friends NBA themed Valentine’s, that’s what Tom Beard did.

So this brings me back to the topic at hand: Trying. It just isn’t that hard. It really isn’t. A post-it note takes 15 seconds to write and .344 to stick somewhere. If you are trying to tell me that you didn’t have 15.344 seconds to spare today, you seriously have to stop feeding your Tamagotchi so often.

It is not hard to try. It doesn’t take much effort and it is free, because let’s not kid ourselves, that’s the part of this you are the most angry about. Dollars. Alex built her boyfriend a fort, not unlike the one from The Holiday. She then got trapped in portions of her house because she built said fort at 3:00 in the afternoon, but she tried and it was free.

Here’s a list to help you take a step into the world of trying if you, like so many, find it unbearable.

1. Fort Building. Free. Cozy. Alex did it.
2. Post-its. Free. Multicolored. Only takes 15.344 seconds.
3. Text message. Unlimited data plan. 20 seconds. Less kind, but still it’s trying.

Those are free ones. Feel free to send an edible arrangement if you are willing to spend some doll hairs. To me. Feel free to send me an edible arrangement.

So there you go, silence broken. Opinions shared, and I say shared loosely.


Trying: Not that hard, since always.



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2 responses to “Notes on Trying.

  1. Kate's Mom

    People who use the excuse that Valentine’s Day is lame because you should be expressing your love every day and not just on one special day, shouldn’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving or 4th of July. Are they just thankful and patriotic one day a year? I think not.

  2. Hooray! You’re back!

    I’m married and my peeps don’t try very hard. As in I got nada, from the minions of spouse and children and pets that I support. Which is usual, actually. I typically get nada because I apparently am the giver and they are the receivers. So I don’t really have patience with the single folks who whine about this holiday. It’s tough all over folks.

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