Where the Wind Comes Sweeping

I have lived in Chicago for 8 months and 6 days. That means I have not lived in Oklahoma for the past 8 months and 6 days, and after spending my life from the ages of 3 to 22 living in Oklahoma, I have grown quite fond. Being so far removed from a place that I love so dearly has forced me to look at the perceptions of those less fortunate that I, meaning people that have never ventured where the corn grows as high as an elephant’s eye.

I have realized that people outside of Oklahoma (more like outside of a two-three state radius, Texas gets it) have a very poor working knowledge of what lies north of the Red River. They don’t know the history or the contribution, which by the way is fairly extensive. And this is the part of the blog where I mold minds and revolutionize your thoughts on Oklahoma.

We will start with a few facts straight out of the state where Labor Conquers All. Inventions from Oklahoma include the electric guitar, shopping carts, parking meters. Famous Oklahomans include Hanson, Mickey Mantle, Brad Pitt (born in OK. BOOM.), Ron Howard, Sam Walton, Chuck Norris, James Garner, Garth Brooks. We are pumping out some talent. Chuck Norris and Brad Pitt, an Oklahoma power couple. We have a Roger and Hammerstein musical about us for goodness sake! Have you heard of noodling? That’s us too! Ever heard of cows? We have ’em! Wind power? We are using it. Oil? US! Natural gas? ALSO US! Most National Merit Scholars per capita? That would be the University of Oklahoma. Doppler radar? Us again. Sequencing in the Human Genome Project happened in Oklahoma too, bet ya didn’t know that. This is the part of the blog where my friend Shane cries tears of joy at the outpouring of Oklahoma knowledge. No one loves Oklahoma more than Shane, not even me.

The level of twitching in my right eye gets to catastrophic limits when people are judgey about Oklahoma. If I was judgey about Illinois I would assume everyone was working for the mob and involved in some government cover up scheme. While that might be true for the last several elected officials in this state, I realize it is not the case for everyone. (Although I desperately want this to happen!!). I get it, Oklahoma is smaller and less densely populated than your super state and we have land that is just that, land. I’m not entirely sure when that became a bad thing.

My ultimate point here is that just because you haven’t been somewhere or just because you don’t know anything about that place doesn’t mean it doesn’t rule. It probably does rule. And while I have grown amazingly fond of the city of Chicago, it will never in one million years replace the state of Oklahoma. And while I’m learning to appreciate the Cubs and their angst with videos like this….

Nothing will ever be more exhilarating than this….

The best part is, I’ll be touching down at Tulsa International Airport in approximately 11 hours.


O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma OK!

PS: I pinky promise not to link you to Perez Hilton’s website again.

PPS: I get asked how many miles wide the Oklahoma panhandle is all the time. I looked it up. It’s just wide enough to keep Texas at bay. Yahtzee!



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3 responses to “Where the Wind Comes Sweeping

  1. I’m in your Amen corner. I love (and miss) my beloved Okie-land as much as you do!

  2. PS: In the spirit of friendly competition, your alma mater says most merit scholars “per capita” because they can’t beat MY alma mater (TU) in the total number. Just sayin’.

  3. Great tribute to the great state of Oklahoma, Kate. Love it!

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