Currently Obsessed With

I have a new love. A printed true love.

I am currently in love with printed pants. I’m not sure where this new love stemmed from, but it’s going full force. I am yet to purchase a pair, but I am vigilant in my research. I am searching high and low and somewhere in between to find the perfect pair.

I saw two girls wearing these a few days ago and I almost depants’d them both, you think I’m joking.

I went to find these at H&M, and they were sold out. If someone wants to mail me a pair, I would gladly assist you in that effort. They are $14.95 and they really want to come live in my closet/on my legs. These pants really spurred on my desire, nay, need for a pair or two of printed pants.

Be still my floral patterned heart. These are from Zara and they aren’t $15. They are $59.90. Worth it though. Maybe.

Not entirely sure if I can wear these. Wide leg pants tend to make my wide legs look even wider, imagine that. But I think they are pretty and I want to wear them to the beach this summer.

These are Dolce and Gabbana. Clearly not in my budget, or anyone but Beyonce and Suri Cruise’s, but I love them.

I just needed you to know what goes on in my brain. This post is probably in no way useful to you, although who am I to say you don’t like printed pants as much as me? Maybe you do.


Pants with patterns. Patterns with pants.



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2 responses to “Currently Obsessed With

  1. Brooke

    So I actually did see these at H&M and almost purchased them… If I were to run across a pair, what size would you want? 🙂

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