UPDATE February 27, 2012

Well, it’s been a while. The ‘About’ in my life has changed. I have completed one entire year of celebrating. 2011 was so much fun, I celebrated 365 things. I am so thankful I can look back to The Celebrationist to see what I was doing everyday last year.

Things are a bit different now. I don’t have holidays to celebrate, but I still have you and you still have me. Thelma and Louise if you will or Arthur and Hobson if you won’t. I left the previous ‘About’ posts so you can see the journey that has been this blog, let’s get real it was a party not a journey.

Now I live in Chicago. I work in advertising. I have a tiny apartment that still makes me smile every time I open my door. I have discovered, according to those from the Midwest, I have a small Oklahoma accent (everyone I know in Oklahoma simultaneously rolls their eyes…). I am learning to write about my days without the pretense of a holiday. I have some fun things planned.

I have a new header that I made last night. My sweet friend Noor took some pics of me. You can see her blog here…. noor-naseer.blogspot.com. I decided I needed something different. I am keeping the name Celebrationist. Mainly because it’s genius and partly because I am still celebrating all the small things that make me smile. So there’s that.

I’m back..ish.

UPDATE July 21, 2011

I made it past the half way mark and Nude Day successfully, minimal trauma.

Remember how I didn’t want to be an actual adult? Well, I still don’t, but I have a real job and I’m moving. I have a grown up job where I make actual dollars. I am relocating to Chicago. It’s going to be an adventure.

I’m excited to move you all to Chicago as well. My celebrations will be taking place in a city that has more people in it than the entire state of Oklahoma. So, start packing we are leaving in 9ish days.

And just in case you were wondering, I still dislike animals.

UPDATE May 22, 2011

I have graduated. I still have to become an adult. I’m still not exceptionally pleased about it. I still hope this brings you joy 5 months after its birth. I still like airports. Please wade through the nonsense of this blog to find the wit and humor that I so desperately try to instill into each post.\


This blog has stolen my heart in one month. I didn’t think that I would be this excited to write it every night. I never thought that people would be as receptive as they have been. I am having so much fun writing this every day. My words per minute is through the roof. My affinity for pets is as low as ever. My awareness of the date is precise.

This was the greatest New Year’s resolution of all time.


My name is Kate Beard. I graduate in four months. I have to become an adult. This blog is my end-of-college-I-don’t-want-to-be-a-real-grown-up-I-just-want-to-do-something-cool project. I love blank paper, cheese, being a food snob, airports, traveling, antiques, museums and London. I hope that this blog brings you a small amount of joy every day. I hope it reminds you that there are things worth celebrating and that everyday has something to smile about.


8 responses to “About

  1. DM

    lovc the idea of finding something to celebrate every day! You’ve just inspired me 🙂 DM

  2. What a brilliant idea for a blog! Thanks for inviting us to the party 🙂

  3. nalen

    I want to celebrate my everyday with you 🙂

  4. Whew… your really good…. LOL!!! Being a child like heart you is one of the best steps to grow more broader & wiser… I love your childish thoughts that everybody mostly felt the same way when we are at your stage…. Chill, just let time pass and mold you as beauty as a Goddess that will give lights to those who are hopeless….

  5. Hmmm… I find myself strangely fascinated – oh, who am I kidding?! I love this idea! I’m always looking for things to celebrate. You kind of remind me of me, only you are a lot funnier when you write. I gave up trying to be a funny writer after a disaster last April. It involved Chariots of Fire (the movie, not real ones), my best friend and sour cream dip. Yeah…. Anyway, I look forward to celebrating all these holidays and finding something fun in every day!

  6. Troy Lynette

    Kate, I had a blast talking with you on the plane to LA! Have fun with this project… you’re a breath of fresh air! Blessings!!!

  7. Kryn

    You need to update this because now you have graduated!!!

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