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I love America.

Happy Birthday America. Congrats on being awesome. Thanks for letting me reside here for the past 21 years 11 months and 12 days. It’s been great. But seriously. I really do love you. You are so complex, so diverse. Never boring.

It’s finally here. THE 4TH OF JULY!!! I love this day. I was so enthused to celebrate and celebrate I did. I woke up at around noon. I had 6 text messages each of which were patriotic messages. I went to the pool with my sister. I ate a hot dog (which seems like the most 4th of Julyish food). I lounged in the sun. I got over heated. I went home. I showered. And I suited up.

Told ya.

This shirt has quickly become an integral part of my wardrobe. It’s one of those purchases that I am so proud of. I love it. It says strange things. I bought it at Goodwill for $2.99. When I saw this shirt I knew it would be perfect for today and for rocking the city. I then headed to my Aunt Barbara’s house for a 4th of July feast.

It was like a summer themed Thanksgiving.

It was so tasty. Here are some other pictures that headed my way on this most festive of holidays.

Teddy is rocking some fly shades.

That’s Geoff. This is the first 4th of July he hasn’t been training to defend our country or actually fighting in a long long time. Rock on Geoff, rock on.

I went with my family to watch fireworks. I felt like they should have just shot them all off at once. It would be a shorter show, but so much cooler.


An American.



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Blast Off

I have been looking forward to this day all month. It’s Bomb Pop Day. How delicious!!! I couldn’t more pleased. I went to the store and came away with these…


I got a little nervous at the grocery store. I didn’t immediately see the bomb pops. I was instantly fearful that the metropolis of Bartlesville was sold out of bomb pops. Maybe everyone was trying to get their celebration on? Maybe my celebratory ways are rubbing off? Doubt it. But I found them! And I’ve had two.



It was a delightfully patriotic treat(s). I will have to say, the red is the best of the three flavors. I’m always sad when I finish the red level. And you have to eat bomb pops so fast, because by the time you get to the blue it’s so melty. But it was a great celebration. Especially because 4th of July is coming up.

You should start getting really excited for what I’m going to wear for the 4th. You will not be disappointed. I plan on looking like the most patriotic person. If you feel like you too will be dressed to impress please send me a picture of your holiday gear. You can tweet me your picture @_celebrationist or you can email me at kate@thecelebrationist.com. If your pictures rule I’ll post them right here for all of the approximate 170 people that read this daily to see.

I love the 4th of July. It’s in my top three favorite holidays, and I celebrate a lot of holidays.


Bomb pops bursting in air.

PS: On an unrelated note, my family is going to dinner and we are listening to music together on the way. You know, just the family faves, including but not limited to, Eminem, Lil Jon, Soulja Boy, TI and Flo Rida. I have fun people.

PPS: I just looked at that picture of myself with the bomb pop. I am sorry if I scared your children with my Pterodactyl looking neck. I love that silent P.


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