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It’s just like riding a bike.

You know that feeling when you are riding a bike and everything is so blissfully perfect and you stick your legs out and you use a run on sentence and your hair is blowing and you are so incredibly happy? You know the feeling I’m talking about? You do? Ok good. I was concerned there for a second. Well that was my day. I felt like this today:

Bliss. Real life bliss.

That’s me in the black. That’s Nicole on the right. That’s Paris all around us. Those are our legs showing how blissful we are. That guy on the bench is clearly mad he isn’t riding bikes with us. I highly highly suggest Fat Tire Bike Tours if you are ever in Paris, London, Berlin or Barcelona. You see the entire city and you get to ride a cool bike. The guides are Americans in their mid 20s. It’s a blast.

Anyway, that’s the feeling I had today. I got to hold, after nine long months a sweet little baby that I have been desperately waiting for. She is the sweetest little nugget. When I finally held her, I told her she was the youngest human that I knew. Which is true. I hadn’t met anyone that was younger than 5 hours. There is something so incredibly great about holding a new human. It was bliss. Real life bliss. It was a happy little day.

I wonder if on the this day a million years ago when bikes were invented, if they knew the amount of joy they would be spreading with the world. Did they know that they not only were inventing a great mode of transportation, but also a giant cliche? What did people compare things to before bikes? It’s just like riding in your carriage? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


I wore pink today. I told you before, I wear pink for births!


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