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It’s for the rest of us.

I’ve been waiting for this day for 11 months and 23 days. It’s one of the most fantastic holidays. And I believe one of the only holidays that originated on a TV show. Seinfeld made holiday history when Larry David came up with Festivus (it’s for the rest of us, you know). There are a lot of nuisances that make this holiday so fantastic.

I found this infographic on StumbleUpon and I figured this would be the greatest way to really explain the ins and outs of Festivus.

I was right. That was the best way to tell you about Festivus.  Today I was traveling back to Oklahoma for Festivus and Christmas. My day started with a cab ride from my apartment to work. I’m not trying to take the bus with a 44.5 lb bag! So this very nice man picked me up. We started to chat. Which is better than a few days ago when I was chatting with my cabbie and only understood to about 30% of what he said. It was almost if my accent translating skills had gone out the window. Who knows what I was agreeing to! Anyway, today my cabbie and I aired our grievances. This was the conversation we had:

Cabbie: Where are you traveling to?
Me: Home for Christmas!
Cabbie: Where is that?
Me: Oklahoma!
(He talks in questions, I talk in exclamations)
Cabbie: Oh, are there rattlesnakes there?
Me: Yes…. out in the country….
Cabbie: Well you need to learn to tackle them!
Me: Yes. Obviously.
Cabbie: There are classes.
Me: Oh. Right. Rattlesnake tackling classes.
Cabbie: Or just carry mace. They won’t bother you if you have mace.
Me: (They will sense the mace? Whatever) Are there rattlesnakes where you are from?
Cabbie: In Pakistan, no. But we have cobras. And those are faster than rattlesnakes and they will kill you.

So clearly, our grievances with snakes of all kinds were aired. And I have a new grievance to discuss. Why was I never given rattlesnake tackling classes? What the heck! I feel so inadequate.

So that cabbie couldn’t pick me up from work, but he sent his friend to get me, which was very nice. I had a large large bag. Large enough for me to be worried that I wouldn’t make it under 50 lbs. I had to hoist it pretty often. Into the cab out of the cab etc etc. I’m pretty sure that was a feat of strength, a 44.5 lb feat of strength.

The pole is always the hardest part of Festivus. We have a million Christmas trees around my house, but for Festivus that will just not do. Growing up we used to go camping every October with a bunch of other families. My dad is quite handy. He would always attach a painters light to the top of a giant pole and then strap it to a tree in order to light the campsite at night. It sort of became our Festivus pole. We ended up celebrating Festivus in October instead of December. But camping really provides for a lot of interesting feats of strength.

So Festivus was a success today. I hope you grieved well.


Let’s Rumble!


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For the past 5 years I have only lived one of them in a place that candles were allowed to be lit. I lived in the freshman dorms, I lived in the Kappa house for two years, I lived at my apartment in Norman (candles allowed!) and now I live here in my sweet little apartment in Chicago. Candles are not so allowed here, at least when they are flaming.

Here’s the thing, there are sweet little heating pads that melt your candle and let them give off a smell without having building burning flames around. So now sitting right next to me, is my most favorite candle in all the land. It’s called a volcano candle and it smells like what I imagine heaven smelling like.

This is the best I can do on Candle Lighting Day. I have pretty white ceilings and apparently one little candle flame will completely wreck them. So heating my favorite candle on a heating pad from Bed Bath and Beyond is all I’ve got. Quite sorry to disappoint with the lack of actual fire.


Be cool about fire safety.

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Santa’s List Day

Well, in case you were wondering I undecorated and redecorated my tree. Again. It’s finally straight and it’s finally finished.  I even found nutcrackers for my mantle this weekend. One at West Elm and two at Walgreens. Who knew Walgreens was the hot spot for nutcrackers. Anyway, my stockings are hopefully on the way and I have some presents to wrap and put under the tree. Christmas is finally around the corner and I am thrilled.

Today it’s Santa’s List Day and instead of talking about who is on the naughty or the nice list, I figured I would share with you some of the things on my wish list for Christmas.

A patent crossbody bag!

Recently I have been seriously crushing on all things Kate Spade. There are a thousand colorful cute things on that website and I love it. Glitter and patent and pretty colors are never bad things.


I love bracelets the most of all jewelry. And particularly this one!

Hey! I live there!

I’m looking for something for my tiny entry hall. I have a very blank wall and it needs something very cute to hang upon it.

This would be a pretty alternative to the watercolor!

So as you can see, the things on my list are pretty things. Sometimes I have a techy Christmas, other times a pretty one. So that’s all I’ve got. I’m working on the list. I’ll post it soon!

I hope your Christmas list is full of fun things too!


Making a list checking it twice.

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Mutt Day

Is this blog going to be about animals? OF COURSE NOT! You know I don’t like animals! Anyway, in honor of Mutt Day I celebrated via my dinner. So I’m just couch lounging on a Friday and I wasn’t feeling like becoming a culinary genius and I just couldn’t bring myself to walk to Big Bowl or Ra or some other tasty place near by. What happens when you get lazy and you are hungry and you haven’t gone to the grocery store in ages? You eat mutt dinner.

I pinky promise that I usually eat much better things. Usually. Anyway, feel free to laugh at me.

Dinner consisted of Ramen noodles, strawberry yogurt and a beer.

Mutt Day is perhaps the most successfully celebrate holiday all year. Speaking of, the year is almost up and I still need your ideas. I haven’t found one that I really love yet.

If you feel like leaving an idea please keep in mind that I have a job. Which means until about 5:45 everyday, I am otherwise occupied. Not occupied with unemployed tent dwellers, but occupied nonetheless. (Who came up with that word? Nonetheless. My guess is a guy that had a tift with the space bar).

OK, get to brainstorming.


Beer and yogurt. I think I’m on to something.

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Tree Decorating Part 2

Remember how a few days ago when I said I had already decorated my tree, but I would show you pictures today? Remember when I said my tree was leaning, but I had gotten over it? Well today I undecorated my tree, had every intention of returning it and getting another one and redecorating the new one. But instead I just fixed the manufacturers poor craftsmanship and now my tree is pretty again!! I took pictures just for you!!

I’ll start with the dismantling of the sad tree and end with my favorite ornaments.

So now my apartment is lean free. I am still searching for some nutcrackers or tiny trees for the mantle. Maybe a wreath or something. Pier 1 and World Market and Home Goods are in my future. Merry Christmas!!


A Christmas Elf

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I just need you now.

So things are dwindling. I only have one month left. To be completely honest I’m really sad. I have loved doing this. I will always be able to read back on this year and know what my 21/22 year old self was up to. With that being said. I don’t think I can just abandon this blog for all of eternity.

I know of one human in San Antonio that will be quite sad, so I’m told. She brought a puppy to Thanksgiving this year. I just don’t feel right about disappointing a new puppy owner.

So that’s where you all come in. I know that 96.7% of you are crazy terrified of the comment button, which has been fine for the last 11 months. But now I just need you now. I need your suggestions/ideas for what to blog about next year. So here’s the rundown…

–You don’t have to leave your name.
–Your idea can be obscure, hilarious, funny, scary.
–It doesn’t have to be a daily idea.
–You are the only people that I am getting ideas from, so if you don’t comment your suggestion I WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO NEXT YEAR!!!!

So I have a few ideas.

Idea 1) What I look like in the morning. Every morning.This would be sort of fun and sort of challenging to do every morning. However, I tend to look sort of like this in the morning….

I even wake up with that jacket on.

Idea 2) Write a letter a day/week. I’m much less enthused about this, mainly because there is much less Bon Jovi involved.

So, this is a call to action to give me you next year ideas. Please. I want to know what you want to know about. So that’s that. We have a month to decide.


Just asking for a favor.


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Gobble Gobble


My favorite holiday is practically complete. It was such a happy little day. I got to see all my family and eat all my favorite things. And I got to see this little person!

My favorite little nugget!

The turkey was bigger than she was. And I was a huge baby hog today. It is so nice being back in Oklahoma especially when it’s in the 60s. Chicago, I like you, but you are getting chilly.

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving with all your people. Here are some things I am thankful for.

My sweet family, my friends here and far away, getting to hold babies, the bowl of sweet potatoes sitting next to me currently, the fact that you all have put up with me for 11 months, the fact that people are worried about what I’m going to write about next year, Skype, pretty glittery nail polish, the sushi happy hour next to my apartment, getting to walk to work when it’s nice outside, my big girl job that I love so dearly, my work people, large Diet Cokes with extra vanilla from Sonic, Thunder basketball, knowing that my TiVo box will be full of things to watch when I get home, being home for 10 days during Christmas and New Years, jokes about beards, wearing pink jeans, a boy that I like, Tom Beard jokes, getting to drive a car when I’m here, the cucumbers we eat at Thanksgiving, heavy whipping cream, Michigan Avenue, reading Governor Bradford’s Thanksgiving Proclamation every year, snuggling, flowers from the farmers market, knowing that I will come back to a clean apartment, still being friends with my people from the 9th grade, seeing movies in the theater, tasty food and being happy as a clam.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you! Thank you for encouraging me on my year long adventure!


Food Coma

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