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Pinhole Photography

What is pinhole photography you ask? I’ll tell you. You build a box. Put photography paper in one end. Cut a tiny hole in the other. Keep the hole covered until you are ready to take the picture. Uncover the hole and the light will shine onto the photo paper. You can keep the hole uncovered for as long or not as long as you want. Then you must have a dark room to develop the picture. You also have to know how to develop the picture.

There’s where the problem arises. I don’t exactly know how develop film. So instead I just had fun on this day and told you how to do pinhole photography!

Now let me tell you about the greatest weekend of my entire life.

It started out on Friday. I woke up really early in the AM and watched the royal wedding. I made crepes and mimosas. Crepe Day has really done me right. So we had fun breakfast. I took a really long nap. Went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants called Fuzzy’s. I went to two different date parties in one night. I went to IHOP at 2 a.m. Went to sleep around 3:30 a.m. I woke up today at 1:30 p.m. I hung out at my house. Went to dinner with some friends. Went to the Norman Music Festival. Had one of the best phone conversations of my life. It was a good weekend. Not to mention that I went to a Thunder game last week and I’m going to one on Tuesday. My last few weeks in college could not have been more fun. Here is the documentation.

We have been friends since freshman year.

These two make me laugh. Lots and lots.

Oh, hey there Natalie!

I can say with large amounts of certainty that this weekend was one of my favorite. I was really busy, which is why my Dad guest blogged. Which was hilarious! You really need to read that. He is a riot. And he was a champ for doing that. I’m sorry that my lack of photography skills prevented me from pinholes, but you got this pictures from before my date party. And I wore a dress that I really liked. Not that that matters to you, but I did.


I had the longest phone conversation of my entire life tonight. Literally.

PS: Discussion topic. This was a requested discussion. I am a large proponent of sharing meals. But won’t you be hungry only eating half a meal? Of course not. I’m not talking about sharing one meal. I’m talking about sharing two. It’s a brilliant plan. You get to try twice as much awesomeness. If you are at a cool restaurant, with awesome food, (which why would you be anywhere else? Am I right? I’m right) you should clearly want to maximize your menu options. You cannot accomplish this alone. You need a menu buddy, one that is committed to the cause, one that is as daring (or in some unfortunate cases not as daring) as you are in the world of food. Find this food buddy and hold onto them. They will be your new best friend. Now start enjoying twice as much flavor as you were before. Again, am I right? I’m right. Again. So there’s that. My advice for the day. Very off topic, but incredibly vital to your restaurant success.

PPS: I found said buddy.

PPPS: Here’s what I know about bicycles. I went on two bicycle tours in Europe last summer. They were amazing. I highly suggest that if you are in London, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona you take a bike tour with Fat Tire Tours. They are outstanding. Here is a picture of me on my bike in London.

My bike's name was Alexander Fleming. He discovered Penicilin!

So there’s that. The end.



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