Last Year’s Celebration

So last year I celebrated one holiday a day for the entire year. 365 holidays. I know, it is impressive. Please look through my archives for holidays that were celebrated!

It’s the last month. I’m a mixture of sadness and joy. I have poured my heart and soul and tears and blood into this project. I have held animals unwantingly. I have eaten lots of desserts. I have baked ugly cakes. I learned to make meringue. I have unlearned how to make pancakes. I drew dinosaurs. I was naked on July 14th. I have blogged from two different countries, various states and lots of cities. I have been featured in a few magazines. I have hopefully made some people smile. I think I might cry when I post on December 31.

I am pondering what to do next year. I would love your opinions and your ideas. I don’t want to stop posting. Although, the first week of January. I’m not posting. I’m taking a sabbatical from this blog. But for now, here’s the last list of monthly celebrations.

December 1: Not one single holiday I liked.
December 2: Mutt Day
December 3: Make a Gift Day
December 4: Santa’s List Day
December 5: Bath Tub Party Day
December 6: Put On Your Own Shoes Day
December 7: Cotton Candy Day
December 8: Tom Beard’s Birthday, Brownie Day
December 9: Christmas Card Day
December 10:
December 11: Candle Lighting Day
December 12: Poinsettia Day, Gingerbread House Day
December 13: Cocoa Day
December 14: Monkey Day
December 15:
December 16: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
December 17: Maple Syrup Day
December 18: Flake Appreciation Day
December 19: Look for an Evergreen Day
December 20:
December 21: Flashlight Day
December 22: National Re-Gifting Day
December 23: Festivus
December 24: Christmas Eve
December 25: Christmas
December 26: Boxing Day
December 27: Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day
December 28: Call a Friend Day
December 29:
December 30: Bacon Day
December 31: New Year’s Eve, National Champagne Day

I’ll fill in the days with holes I pinky promise!


17 responses to “Last Year’s Celebration

  1. Love perusing the upcoming celebrations. In case you didn’t know, your mother may be the world’s greatest living expert on Barbie. If not, I am. Are you aware that we had jillions of them and they were the best dressed Barbie dolls anywhere (really, they were RED CARPET dolls) because our Gram made them tuxedos and fancy ball gowns? And they had scandalous lives. Real Housewives of Orange County lives. And they were ultra hip — one of them them had a round sofa made out of a sand strainer and a crocheted doily, and this was back in the ’70s when round sofas were THE thing. In fact, I think the character Ginger (Sharon Stone) in Casino was based on the life of one of my Barbies. Just sayin’. Also, our Barbies were well-traveled. Once they all loaded up in the cool Barbie van for a road trip and drove a hundred miles an hour down the hill by our Gram’s house. Unfortunately, there was an accident and Malibu Barbie was ejected. She lost half a boob in the incident. Plastic surgery was in its infancy back then so she never really recovered. Tragic.

  2. Shane

    See you on Pancake Day and especially National Chip and Dip Day.

  3. hi what about a day devoted to something involving license plates? like states, or just making funny sayings out of the letters and numbers, or just the ones that already have words. i put my website bc i have a blog too lol

  4. MP

    March 28
    Serfs Emancipation Day (Tibet)
    Teachers’ Day (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
    (personally I LOVE the idea of Serf Emancipation Day)

    March 30th is National Doctors Day in the US.. !!

  5. MP

    Oh.. answers found on wiki..

  6. Travis

    Everyone knows March 26th is Tacky Yard Art Day!!

  7. March 26: invent a sweet & savory concoction day.

  8. Kim Copeland says March 28th is “something on a stick day”

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  10. Rhonda

    Just submitted my day off request for April 7th so that I can celebrate 🙂

  11. Kryn

    National Pink Day? How awesome is that?!?!?

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  13. I like this blog so much, saved to bookmarks. “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” by Peter De Vries.

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