Have Fun at Work Day

Today is Have Fun at Work Day. I don’t work at my Big Girl job on Friday’s AND I was driving to Austin today. So I was concerned to the amounts of awesome that I would have to celebrate. AND I last night my phone decided to give up last night. It was just a white screen. I could answer calls because I knew where the swipe bar was but other than that I was stuck.

So I went to the AT&T store. Prepared for it to be all 9 levels of Dante’s Inferno. But it wasn’t. It was absolutely delightful. I would like to say that I’m 87% sure that Danny the AT&T man had fun at work today. He was figuring out if I had an upgrade and I did! So I got a 3Gs because it was infinitely less expensive. Danny was setting all my stuff up.

We chatted about TV shows and being awesome and life in general. In the midst of our conversation one of the employees realized that one of the iPads in the store had porn downloaded on to it. It was quite the day. We had a blast. But then he was hooking up my old phone to the machine that gets all my contacts off of it. Well the screen was completely white and I have my phone password protected. Which means I had to swipe unlock and then enter my four digit code COMPLETELY BLIND. I tried to do it. And failed. I tried twice more. And failed. And then I was nervous I was going to get locked out, because you only get 10 tries! So Danny put his phone next to it so I could see where the buttons would be on my screen. And I successfully did it! I felt like I was in an episode of 24. Danny and I high-fived after I successfully entered the code. It was amazing.

I have never had that much fun at the AT&T store. So if Danny reads this, thank you for being so great and making Have Fun at Work Day so incredibly fun.

Well, after that my dear friend Chelsie and I headed to Austin for the weekend. Her sweet Grandad lives here and our cool friend Paul lives in Austin too! We rocked out successfully in the car to Everybody’s Working for the Weekend, appropriate for Have Fun at Work Day if I do say so myself.

We stopped in Waco to see Tanner Mathias, AKA The Real DJ Tanner. He took us to get delicious mexican food and showed us how awesome Waco is. Tanner starts his first day of work today, so clearly he will be having tons of fun at work! And the place he is working has the greatest t-shirts. They have a face with a beard on them and you know how I feel about beards! I like them. I like them a lot. I like beards and Beards.

So now I’m in Austin pleased with the events of the day. Jazzed to eat dinner in Austin. Jazzed to go shopping tomorrow.

Today I tweeted that people should send me their pictures of how they were having fun at work here they are!


@emShipley was driving in SW Oklahoma for work today!


@Meg_Snow was online shopping at work today!


@TheLonelyRainer was unloading Apple stuff at work today!!

So over all it was a great day. I hope that you had a blast at work today. I hope that you work at a place like Dunder Mifflin. I hope that you have an Andy Bernard that you work with. I hope that he sings you Ainbowray Onnectioncay on his banjo. I hope that you are working in a place that makes you laugh. Laughing rules.


I take back the 87% and replace it with a 110%.




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